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Thommy G's
For Fine Italian Cuisine...
With A New Orleans Flair.
Phone: 609-239-8133

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Tues. - Fri. 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM
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High and Broad Streets
In Historic Riverfront City of Burlington

Michael F. Corbi

Thomas Geneviva
Executive Chef

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Upstairs Dinning of Thommy G's Monday is always available for all parties and special occasions.

You can reserve the upstair dinning room any day.

Thommy G's History

Thommy G's Vault Since Thommy G's opened it's doors in the Historic City of Burlington, there have been two questions that have been asked of us on a regular basis.

"Who is Thommy G?" and "Why Burlington?"

Here are the Answers:

Who is Thommy G?
On April 2nd, 1998, Thommy Geneviva, our Executive Chef, was introduced to the Corbi Family. On that day, not only were we lucky enough to find an extraordinary Chef but also a wonderful person who treasured loyalty above all else. It was that loyalty through thick and thin that convinced the Corbi Family to make him part of our "familia" and have the restaurant have the honor of bearing his name.

Why Burlington?
It was a very hot and sunny July day in the year 1998, when the Corbi Family first visited the Mechanics Bank, founded in 1839 and later located in this building (Circa 1926) at the corner of High and Broad Streets. Upon entering the building, there was no doubt in our minds that a restaurant was destined for this site. We had already been aware of the "well kept secret" of the Historic City of Burlington on the Delaware River.

We believe the Historic City of Burlington is a jewel that will become polished and held up as an example of what a little vision, faith, dreams and hard work can accomplish. A jewel that will become a celebrated tourist destination on the Historic River during the next Millennium.

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