Survival Bracelet
Therapeutic Massage

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    Feel Better Reflexology Center
    Therapeutic Massage
    Feel Better Reflexology Center
  • Irregardless of what pain, problem, condition, symptom or stress you may have, After a session you will FEEL BETTER!
  • Phone 215-928-8828, email
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    Dr. Susan Plotnick: Family Dentistry
    Jamison Pa; Phone: 215-343-0900

    Survival Bracelet
    Hayko Designs

    726 Black Rock Road, Collegeville, PA 19426
    (610) 935-2546
    Inspired by family experiences with breast cancer, Mary Lou Hayko designed the Survival Bracelet. Its 5 symbols represent the stages a person endures when a crisis develops. However, these bracelets do not signify breast cancer alone, and have been sold to both women and men who are struggling with divorce, spousal abuse, and many other problems.
    10% of the proceeds from these pieces are donated to various charities. The rest goes back into the business.

    Therapeutic Massage
    Sue Byrnes Therapeutic Massage: Stress getting to you?
    Deep Muscle, Swedish, Pregnancy and Instructional Infant Massage
    Phone: 215-342-0003, E-Mail:
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